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For those who are interested I just did a spam at knittingpix with some of the things I'm working on lately. A lot of what I'm doing at the moment is knitting (when I'm not tweeting, fishbowling the Hockey RPF tag on the AO3 and wringing my hands over the NHL lockout) - taking advantage of the cold knitting-friendly weather while I can, I guess, and it's been fun. Overall this year I've knit a lot - finished one jumper, knit a whole cardi, made a solid start on a dress ... of course I still owe Liz her cardigan (I'm about a third of the way through) and Claire her socks (I picked the pattern last week? but um, she probably won't need them in summer?) but ssssssh. I'm doing a lot of successful stashbusting and on the weekend I moved all of my yarn from a couple of bookshelves to some storage under my bed.

I desperately needed the bookshelf space after turning up about 30-40 books during my epic room-clean, which turned into a house-clean. My room is really not very large - I have the bed on one side of the door and the dresser on the other side, and between the two I have enough space for the door to open 90 degrees, and I have about a foot of space at the foot and the other side of the bed, and that's it. This has meant that it gets about 30cm deep in clothes, books, and detritus at the drop of the hat. Also my house was pretty messy, I was getting sick of it, and my flatmate has been away for a fortnight and gets home tomorrow, so on Monday night I invited my whole family over for Sunday dinner and used that as impetus to tidy and do some cleaning over the week.

I am a pretty slack housekeeper (people who have lived with me or even seen my bedroom in its usual state are currently mouthing "pretty slack?" incredulously). I typically let it get to the point where it's REALLY DISGUSTING and then get disgusted and spend a whole day doing nothing but cleaning and tidying. However I've been following Unfuck Your Habitat on tumblr for awhile. It's partly cleaning tips which, like Lifehacker hacks, I find really useful, intellectually interesting, or completely irrelevant depending. But the other part is, basically, a cleaning philosophy that is summed up pretty well in this post: do a little bit whenever you can. Don't marathon and don't feel guilty or stressed about big things you haven't done. Break it down into chunks of a size that make sense to you, with your mental and physical needs, and do it like that, and then do a little bit every day to maintain it. That's basically what I did all last week, so one day I did part of the giant pile o'washing, and another day I did more of it, etc. And then since I got it clean I've been trying to do a little bit every day, like change my sheets, or wipe down the windowsills in the living room, or hang out a load of washing, or whatever.

It's been good and it's making me feel much better in my home (not that I felt bad in my home). It's only been a few days so who knows how it will go but it's good at the moment. It's tied into a lot of changes I've been making chiefly because I'm really broke at the moment, like making sure to pack my lunches four mornings a week, doing baking on Sunday to make sure that I want to, eating as many meals as home as I can. (I've been really good while flattie was away: sure, maybe I ate pizza for three consecutive dinners and one lunch, but it was *home-made* pizza, dammit! I haven't bought takeaways once - not that there's anything wrong with takeaways, btw, except that I made it a goal not to buy them.) Maybe after I've had this cleaning thing going for a month or so I'll try adding some kind of exercise. Habit-building is what I'm aiming for.

That's enough navel-gazing about my housekeeping. I was going to post about how my boss told me my necklines were offensive last week but I should probably leave that for a locked post. Instead, a qualified rec: my favourite thing about this Teen Wolf AU where Derek is a single dad and Stiles is a kindergarten teacher is that Scott is probably the most in-character character in the whole piece. Scott is 5 in this fic. (I enjoyed it, but more as an original romance with like a mild wolfy flavour than as Teen Wolf fic. I personally don't have a problem with that since a lot of canonical Teen Wolf fic is absolutely freakadelic in terms of its weirdo social power dynamics which I hate in 9/10 fics. It's an okay stopgap fandom though.) Here's a less qualified rec: I absolutely loved Buoyancy (also at LJ) by ethrosdemon, which is a really really great fic about Danny. If you've been crying out for fic that is actually about Danny and not Jackson's issues or Derek's arms, this could be the fic for you!

In other news if some good long hockey RPF doesn't get posted at the AO3 during the lockout I might, like, cry or something, god.

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...so I hadn't come across the term 'fishbowling' before, and urbandictionary and Wikipedia produced wildly different and seemingly irrelevant answers. I'm guessing, in this context, it means frequently hitting 'refresh' on the Hockey RPF tag and being sad when nothing new and/or good appears? In which case, I can entirely sympathise.

It may be little consolation, but I am now writing a Kaner/Tazer fork-in-the-road AU that will probably get fairly long? Like, it's close to 10,000 words already and they're only a few months into their rookie season!

Also, if you're super bored, any further feedback you could offer on our soulbond epic would be much appreciated :)
Slash Report uses it and defines it as "When you’ve read everything in a fandom, but paw at it sadly, like a cat at an empty fish bowl." But I think of it as more like being a goldfish going round and round the bowl reading the same fic and doing the same stuff and desperately hoping for something new.

That should be fun! I look forward to it :)

C and I challenged each other to a race to fb the soulbonding fic so I promise it is definitely on my mind!
Hee, I'm tickled by the feedback race idea! Whatever works as motivation = all good :)
I can totally relate to the book horde. It is essential to have lots of books close by. I think I own about 75% of the books in those pics.

There's a lockout?
There's a lockout! ... of ice hockey players so we're not exactly talking serious solidarity here, but. SO MUCH DRAMA. I had no idea sport had so much off-field drama that wasn't related to players getting drunk and doing criminal or embarrassing things, but apparently it even has labour unrest! The collective bargaining agreement between the NHL players' association and the league expired this Nth Hemisphere summer and they've been unable to agree on how much to cut the players' entitlement to league revenues, so the owners are locking the players out. It's awesome/terrible.
Thank you for the rec! That stupid story ruined my life for weeks, so it's nice that people like it.

I felt very similar about DILF. I loved Derek with the kids, I will NOT LIE, and a lot of the details about what a perfect human being Stiles is in it and the howling. But it's definitely more of a OF than an AU. And you are correct about Scott in it.
"thank you for writing it" sounds kind of weird but I did very much enjoy it.

Yeah, I think the trouble is that Derek is such an opaque character and also so, you know, violent and socially maladjusted that he doesn't really work in a lot of the traditional romcom AUs. Whatever, I'll read anything, I guess!
Ooh, cheers for the recs. I knew EXACTLY which fluffiest-of-the-fluff AU you were talking about, but I hadn't read the DANNY! fic before.

I'm just at the stage where I'm sated on Sterek and moving to feeling over-full, and wanting some other-character-sorbet to clense my palate and that fic was exactly what I wanted. Dannnnyyyyy.

(Have you come across a Lydia or Allison equivilent? I'm looking out for good fics with them as the main character and not finding much.)
It's so good/Danny's so great!

To be honest I haven't read a lot of fic about either of them. I am not reading Teen Wolf at all systematically - just whatever pops up on my flist or gets a lot of traffic, and unsurprisingly Lydia and Allison fic does not fall much into either category. Let me know what you turn up!